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This is the Cricut crafts that I'm selling.


These are Christmas Mickey Mouse Heads that I made on my Cricut.  
You get 100 pieces Free Shipping and Handling.



Cricut Mickey Mouse Christmas Heads

$ 2.75 USD


Cricut Mickey Mouse Santa Heads

$ 3.00 USD

You will get 6 red and 6 green Mickey Mouse Santa heads. Free Shipping and Handling




Cricut Mickey Mouse Christmas Tags

$ 4.00 USD

You will get 8 Mickey Mouse Christmas Tags these are made out of Chipboard and Paper they are double sided one side is red and the other is blue. Free shipping and handling.

Mickey Mouse Heads from Snow Angels

$ 3.25 USD

You will get 16 Mickey Mouse heads that are almost 2 1/2 across and alittle over 2 inches long. Free shipping and handling. These are just too cute !!!!

Cricut Imagine Best Friends Embellishments

$ 2.75 USD

I made these on my Cricut Imagine from the Cart Best Friends these are just to cute. Free shipping and handling

Cricut Mickey Mouse on a stick

$ 4.25 USD

You will get 4 Mickey Mouses on a stick these are great for putting in flower pot or in vases. Free Shipping and Handling.

Cricut Hello Kitty Bucket

$ 10.00 USD

I made this on my Cricut. I put Hello Kitty on a stick and put a Mini Clip on top so you can put a picture in it. This is just to cute. Free Shipping and Handling

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers

$ 3.75 USD

You will get 12 double sided Mickey Mouse cupcake Toppers. Free Shipping and Handling

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